Supercontinuum | Generic (UV-VIS-IR)
  • White light emission available starting 400 nm up to 2400 nm
  • Total average power higher than 100 mW up to more than 150 mW
  • High spatial coherence single mode TEM00 laser
  • Great total power stability
  • Subnanosecond pulses
  • Compact turnkey benchtop device or Ultra compact module SCM available
  • UVAbsolut version available: UVA extension option to reach 320 nm (TEM00)

  • Spectroscopy
  • High resolution imaging (OCT, confocal microscopy)
  • Flow cytometry
  • Optical components testing


LEUKOS SM Series SM-30-450 SM-30-420 SM-30-400
Spectral bandwidth minimum< 450 nm< 420 nm< 400 nm
Spectral bandwidth Maximum> 2400 nm> 2400 nm> 2400 nm
Total average power> 150 mW> 120 mW> 100 mW
Nominal repetition rate∼ 30 kHz∼ 30 kHz∼ 30 kHz
Triggerable range1 Hz up to 20 kHz1 Hz up to 20 kHz1 Hz up to 20 kHz
Pulse width≤ 1 ns≤ 1 ns≤ 1 ns
Total power stability+/- 1%+/- 1%+/- 1%
Spatial profileSinglemode TEM00Singlemode TEM00Singlemode TEM00
Spectrum and options See complete datasheet See complete datasheet See complete datasheet

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