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Our solutions


We offer extraordinary laser sources for a wide range of imaging techniques (optical coherence tomography, confocal microscopy, multiphoton microscopy, ...).

Our solutions


Our supercontinuum sources are excellent for the broadband characterization of optical components.

Our solutions

Particle analysis

Need for analyzing cells in flow or detecting nanoparticles in food? Try the supercontinuum solution.

Our solutions

Remote sensing

The supercontinuum approach revolutionizes your system of terrestrial, oceanic or atmospheric sensing.

Our solutions


Leukos supercontinuum sources are perfect candidates for many spectroscopy applications.

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Supercontinuum lasers

Supercontinuum lasers are light sources that combine the benefits of a broadband lamp (ultraviolet/visible/infrared emission) and of a laser (excellent beam quality). Since 2006, Leukos has been offering supercontinuum solutions to universities, research institutes and industry worldwide.

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Come and meet us at SPIE Photonics Europe exhibition.

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Strasbourg, FRANCE

Photonics Europe 2018


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Optique Toulouse 2018

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