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Disco supercontinuum laser


  • Broad spectrum from UV (350 nm) to near IR
  • Externally triggered laser via TTL signal input
  • Spatially singlemode gaussian TEM00
  • Sub-nanosecond pulses (0.8 up to 1.1 ns)
  • Low timing jitter < 20 ns (pulse to pulse)
  • kHz repetition rate


  • Spectroscopy (TAS, CEAS...)
  • High resolution imaging (OCT, confocal microscopy)
  • Flow cytometry
  • Optical components testing


Leukos DiscoDisco-2Disco-2-UV
Spectral bandwidth minimum< 420 nm< 350 nm
Spectral bandwidth maximum> 2400 nm> 2200 nm
Repetition rate2 kHz2 kHz
Timing jitter< 20 ns< 20 ns
Pulse width0.7-1.3 ns0.7-1.3 ns
Total average power> 10 mW*> 5 mW*
Spatial profileSinglemode TEM00Singlemode TEM00

* Including ASE.

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